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Steve Stanchfield wrote:

We finally have the help in dubbing the 7 official and special sets that are bundled together. One of our replicators has taken on the task of getting us over several of these humps. We hope to get these assembled and starting to go out in a week or so. To help with the costs of this.... here's

A new special set!

This one is called 'Lots of Bad Guys'. It features 12 cartoons from 7 studios featuring really, really bad characters- in all new scans from 16mm prints. We'll have this one done before the end of the year, and it will be shipped with the batch of special discs after this current one. The pre-order is available through October 15th only. Postage is free if you have other orders.

The set is $15.95 plus postage (details at the Thunderbean shop). Here's the link: https://www.thunderbeanshop.com/...ad-guys-special-blu-ray/ 

Thanks for everyone for supporting these projects as we enter the next phase of growth. So many cool things on the horizon- I can't wait to get the current plate to be empty-ish to take on these new opportunities.

If there's anything you didn't get, please submit a help ticket for Dave Grauman to follow through on.

dgrauman wrote:

As before, the code for free shipping if you have another outstanding order is PREVORD